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added October 2012

Kunst Oog - Museum Zandvoort

Finally an exhibition in a museum. From 3 November until 31 December three photo's will be part of the 'kunstoog exhibition' in Zandvoort Museum. The theme of this exhibition is 'kunstoog' ('art eye' or 'artificial eye'). Several paintings of famous painter Ans Markus will also be part of this event.

painting by Ans Markus

Zandvoorts Museum
Swaluëstraat 1
3 November 2012 - 31 December 20126

added September 2012

Open Vlampijpateliers

As usual the Vlampijpateliers will open its doors once a year for visiters, so eveybody has the opportunity to visit studios and to buy art.
I will also participate in this event, so if you want to visit my studio, you will be more than welcome!

Open Vlampijpateliers
6 and 7 October, 13.00 - 18.00
Vlampijpstraat 50, Utrecht

added August 2012

Finished 'Voluntary Unfreedom' concept

The long lasting series voluntary unfreedom has finally come to a completion. A total of 36 photo's divided in three series: 'religion', 'love' and 'work'. The series can be reviewed at the photo archive page. Hope to find someone who wants to exhibit this series...

added June 2012

Exhibition Double Tree Hotel Amsterdam

As part of some of my pictures from the Short Stories series will be exhibited in the Hilton Double Tree Hotel in Amsterdam. The exhibition will start 4 June 2012 and will last at least six weeks.

Double Tree by Hilton
Oosterdoksstraat 4

added May 2012

Start of a new concept

This month I started a complete new concept exploring the discrepancy between the way people present themselves on social networks and the real average daily life. More photo's will be soon available in the photo archive.

added April 2012


You can now see some of my pictures on a special 2ndlook-facebook page. This page will be updated on regular basis

added March 2012

3D Puzzles

In the past I designed and made three dimensional puzzles (please do not ask me why I did this). I even had a website describing how to make these puzzles by yourself (, this website does not exist anymore). But before I was going to flush all the files down the drain I thought it might be fun to put the entire website here as a mirror. Who knows it will generate as much traffic as in the past (up to 200 page views a day)

webiste: 3dpuzzles

added November 2011

New CD Covers

For two CD's, which are released at the end of this year, I made the cover and inlay pictures: First 'From Here To Her' by jazz guitarist Jan Schröder, second 'La Boîte a Musique' filled with French harp music by harpist Annemieke IJzerman.

added September 2011

Open Vlampijpateliers

This year the Vlampijpasteliers will celebrate its 10th anniversary; therefore, the annual open days will be better than ever. The opening will take place on Thursday 13 October in the presence of Aleid Wolfsen, major of Utrecht.
A lot of studio's will open their doors, so you can take a look at what all artists are making. I will also participate in this event, so if you want to visit my studio, you will be more than welcome!

Vlampijpstraat 50

added September 2011

I have been invited to participate in a new initiative by Inge van Veen:
Café's and Restaurants can hire photo's for their establishment. This initiative will start off by a mini-exhibition on September 20th form 17.00 till 22.00, Rokin 75, Amsterdam.

More information:

added July 2011

Exhibition Café Averechts

In the months July and August, several pictures are exhibited in Cafe Averechts in Utrecht. You are more than welkom to visit this cafe during opening hours.

Café Averechts
Lijsterstraat 49, Utrecht
Tuesday to Saterday, open from 17:00

added April 2011

Exhibition City Hall Utrecht

As of the 10 year anniversery of the Valmpijpateliers an exhibition is organised for artist who have their studio at the Vlampijpateliers. The entrance of the exhibition is free an can be visited during opening hours of the City hall

City Hall Utrecht
Korte Minrebroederstraat 2
Monday to Friday, 09:00 - 17:00

added March 2011

Val Thorens

During a very short trip to Val Thorens in Febryuary, I took the oppertunity to take some pictures of mountains in the snow. This has done a million times before of course, but I tried to give the pictures a different look and atmosphere.

added January 2011

New Pictures

It has been a long time since I made some new pictures, but since the beginning of this year I started to continue hte series 'short stories'. The complete series can be found in my photo archive, but below a few examples.

added October 2010

Open Vlampijpateliers

On 13 & 14 November the Vlampijpateliers will have open days. A lot of studio's will open their doors, so you can take a look at what all artists are making. I will also participate in this event, so if you want to visit my studio, you will be more than welcome!

Vlampijpstraat 50

added July 2010

Exhibition Ekko Utrecht

In the month July, I will expo several of my photo of the series 'Short Stories' in Ekko Utrecht. Ekko is an alternative concert hall and has also an restaurant. The exhibition can be visited during opening hours of Ekko.

Poppodium Ekko
Bemuurde Weerd WZ 3
3513 BH Utrecht

added June 2010

Exhibition Photoacademie Amsterdam

As part of the graduation exhibition I will exhibit one of my photo's at the fotoacademie in Amsterdam. This exhibition is really worth visiting, not only for my photo, but also for the excelent work of all the other graduees.

Korte Prinsengracht 33
1013 GN Amsterdam

added June 2010

Finished Photo Academy

On 2 June 2010 I passed my final exam on the photo academy. the five examiners were unanimous in their verdict so that is even better news. the fun part is that I am the first student who passes this exam with did not exhibit photo's but graphics on the wall. My exam project was the book 'perpetual change' and adding extra photo's on the wall would only distract from the book was my idea. Now the photo academy is over I have to find new assignments and work in the field. Still a long way to go I geuss.

The exam is concluded with a three day exhibition in Loods 6 in Amsterdam. for more infor you can visit