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August 2015 - Current


Is it about masks or about narrow mindedness

Oktober 2015 - Current

Different Opinions

In the western world we have free speach, but if someone has an different opinion than most of us, than free speach isn't that free anymore...

February 2014 - Current

Waiting Room

One of the most horrible places in modern society...

January 2014 - Current

Surreal Bondage

The 'short stories' series was very well received and also the bondage I use in several pictures is an item which is considered interesting. So I decided to mix the two in a series around surrealism, bondage and stories.

October 2013 - Current

Temptation 4 - Restrained

The fourth installment of the temtpation series inspired by shibari

October 2013 - Current

Temptation 3 - Mysteries

Nobody really knows what someone else is thinking...

December 2014 - September 2015


Two series around the metamorphosis from nothing into human.

February 2013 - March 2015

Temptation 2 - Cubes and Curves

2ndlook goes fetish. Well not that much, just a simple series of girls in leather or latex clothes in a scene of white cubes.

July 2013 - March 2015

Temptation 1 - Retro Pin Up

Almost Everyone is familiar with the paintings made by Gil Elvgren or George Petty in the 40's and 50's; also known as 'pin-ups'. These illustrations are a source of inspiration for a lot of photographers. I though it would be a fun to make photographs with the look-and-feel of those retro pictures.

December 2012 - Current


An expirment with white space and shadows

May 2012 - September 2012


A series exploring the idea that there might be a discrepancy between the image people show on social networks and the real life.

April 2009 - August 2013

Short Stories

In this ongoing series I tell very short stories in one picture. All photo's are staged in the studio and afterwards manipulated in order to have the result I prefer to have.

December 2012 - August 2013


Every photographer should once in his life use the 7 sins as a theme in a series...

Februari 2013 - June 2013


A strange combination between bondage and a very precise mathamatical tessalation

November 2012 - April 2013


Eyes are the mirrors of the soul they say. what if you alter those eys, is the soul than also changed?

July 2010 - March 2013

Under Construction

A serie illustrating the concept of the makeable man: nowadays we try to evolve and bend the world around us so it fits our believes and expectations and "to kae everything easier", what if we are also going to ajust opurselves on the same way.

February 2011 - July 2012

Voluntary Unfreedom

Three series which illustrate the concept that in everything in life, whether it is work, relationship or believes, we are not free, but restricted by ideas, other people and mostly ourselves.

Part 1 - Religion

Part 2 - Love

Part 3 - Work

June 2011 - April 2012

Beautiful Accidents

A series exploring the decay of youth



Several pictures made in 2012, experiments, the setup of new concepts or which were in the end not included in the final series.

July 2011

Sequences 2011

A new number of series with short sequences of 4 square photo's. More to follow...

February 2011

Val Thorens

During a short trip to Val Thorens, France I made a few pictures in the snow



Several pictures made in 2011 which were not included in the fianl series due to various reasons.

February 2010 - May 2010

Perpetual Change

'Perpetual Change' was a project which took a lot of time. I wanted to make a complete book about life, dead, evolution and the end of mankind. And I think I succeeded for a great deal. This book was made as exam project for the photo academy.

The book is for sale on:

January 2010


two sequences in which 'change' is the leitmotiv.



A few pictures made throughout 2010

October 2009 - December 2009


December 2009


An exercise in making a photographic comic.

October 2009 - November 2009


A series of photo's in which pigeonholing is illustrated.

October 2009

little jokes

A number of short photo sequences in which I tried to make a sort of comic, starring myself ;-)



A collection of pictures made throughout 2009, some were experiments for later series, some just stand on their own.

July 2009

gravity, space-time and black holes

Stephen Hawkings has written a famous book: 'The Universe', very interesting, but after three chapters I was completely lost, but nonetheless got some inspiration for these photo's.

June 2009

self deceiving masks

Everybody is wearing masks. Most people have different masks for different situations. These masks are so fused with our own personalities, that sometimes we don't even know ourselves. Only in dreams we can completely take of our masks.

May 2009

temp agency

One of the study assignments for the photo academy was to make photo's for a commercial campaign for a temp agency

May 2009


These photo's illustrate the phenomenon that people seems to be very open at first sight, but are difficult to reach when you come closer. The paradigm is that by being impervious you hurt yourself more than that it is of any benefit.

April 2009 - May 2009

meaning of life

For this series I took different quotes from philosophers or scientists regarding 'the meaning of life' and illustrated these quotes.

April 2009


I found out that this series is slightly difficult to understand. People who have read George Orwell's book '1984' know that a dystopia is described in which everybody is observed by thousands of camera's. With this series I wanted to illustrate that nowadays this has come true: on every corner of the street you will find a camera, but moreover, everybody has put their personal information on the internet, so everybody is now watching everybody in their normal daily life...

April 2009


Just a short recursive sequence.

March 2009 - April 2009

the value of money

One of the study assignments for the photo academy was to make three photo's to illustrate 'the value of money'

March 2009

End of the World

These pictures are made on place where the world is changed from beautiful nature into some kind of giant sandbox.

October 2008 - January 2009

CD covers

For two bands, the rock formation 'hoover' and the jazz quartet 'Jan Schöder Quartet' I designed CD covers. Both CD covers have made it to production. Below you can see the front cover. By clicking on the covers you can also see the back and inlay of the designs.

January 2009

feeling blue

December 2008

completely lost

A short series of self portraits.

December 2008 - December 2009


This series can be seen as a merge between the more erotic pictures and the series 'short stories'. The photos symbolizes the unspoken but common dreams and fantasies people might have regarding sex. As these fantasies are often judged as 'strange', 'unhealthy' or even 'immoral' I did not want to make the pictures to bright, but unsaturated and detached from reality

October 2008 - December 2008


Two real and three virtual posters

October 2008 - December 2008

confusing worlds

In this photo series I illustrated the complexity of the world we are living in.

August 2008 - November 2008

Unexpected seats

August 2008

Colored corners

These photos' may be not that spectacular, but it is the first series in which I used computer generated backgrounds, a method I have expanded over the years

August 2008

one comic book page

This was my first step on the path of photographic comics. My idea was to make one page without any plot, it is more an exercise in composition and decoupage than anything else.



A collection of pictures made throughout 2008, some were experiments for later series, some were made just for fun.

June 2008

World from above

June 2008

Uithof by Night

Tip: if you want to make a series of photo with the combination of night an architecture, don't do this in June, you have to wait until midnight before it gets dark enough. These photo's are made at the Utrecht University 'the Uithof'.

May 2008 - December 2008

a little bit of fashion

Once I thought I should become a fashion photographer. These pictures below are the results of several studies assignments. In the end I concluded that illustrative photography is more my kind of job than fashion.

May 2008

Upside Down

These photo's are made by using a very simple but very effective trick.

May 2008


The purpose of these series was to make a collection of three photo's which at first sight do not have anything to do with each other, but do play a role in the sequence they are presented

May 2008

Wacom tablet

These photo's are made for a study assignment to make commercial photo's.

May 2008


The sequence below is made on a 4x5 camera and I wanted to see what could be achieved with tilt and shift in combination with portrait. I made eight photo's for the complete series, two photo's per adjustment.

April 2008 - June 2008


This series has received a lot of attention, both positive and negative. I did not make this series to provoke, nor was the intention to make erotic photo's. I just wanted to make a series in which lines, shadows and lights played an interesting role. The main theme was composition. I could have chosen for executing that concept this with nice buildings but I chose for rope and flesh. Nonetheless most people only see a collection of naked bound women.

March 2008 - May 2008


In this collection I have photographed dreams. I have tried to find or stage situations which I found in my own dream. These photo's have been published in a book.

February 2008

ecoline and lights

What was I thinking when I made these photo's?

December 2007 - Current


During the years I photographed several musicians and other artists.

December 2007


In hindsight, this series might be important as this is one of my first series in which I used a clear concept for a 'longer period' and not for only one shoot. Also the process of making these photo's was at that time new for me, but I felt that it worked. Several of the idea's in these photo's I used later for my series 'short stories'.

November 2007

fallen angel

These photo's were made by using a pinhole. A very small hole was made in a camera cap which then functioned as a lens. Exposure time was really long (at least 30 seconds in full daylight).

September 2007

Film posters

This series was made pure for fun. It is obviously based on 50's film posters. Both making the pictures and designing the posters was really enjoyable. I think I should make such a series once more.



A collection of pictures made throughout 2007 which do not belong to a series. Some even made it into my portfolio once.

July 2007

drawing yourself

An alternative version of 'endless drawing' below. In essence the same recursive sequence, but now executed with pencil like drawing in stead of comic book like drawing.

March 2007 - July 2007


March 2007 - July 2007

pencil drawings

These drawings are completely made with use of the computer. I did not use any filters, but with smart use of photoshop brushes and a drawing tablet, you can make these kind of 'pencil drawings'.

February 2007 - August 2007

make your own fashion photo

Just print out the photo, cut out the pieces and make your perfect fashion photo ;-)

February 2007 - Current

rope or ribbon

This is an ongoing experiment: to make pictures of women wrapped with rope or ribbon in a interesting composition, but without a prominent erotic tone. I am still looking for the perfect recipe for this concept.



In the beginning I was also keen on making photographs of landscapes and architecture


painting reality

I did some experimental work by combining drawings an photo's. I did not investigate this further, although it is still on my list of concepts which might be really good to work out further



During the years I made a number of photo's which can be regarded as 'erotic', however most of these pictures do have some deeper meaning and are not just photo's of nice looking naked women. Below I collected several of these images and clustered them by year.








Several pictures made in 2006 which might be what naive in a certain way, but does contain a few premature concepts.



In these years I was still more an illustrator than a photographer. I did some experiments in converting photo's to illustrations so that the result would be like a comic book drawing, but still recognizable. Standard filters in photoshop would not do the trick, so I ended up by performing a very labor intense procedure with the help of CorelDRAW. Sometimes I still use the technique used her for current work.


four seasons

'Autumn' was the first photo in which I used photo manipulation, this photo did gave me the idea to make a series of four pictures each representing a season. This project went very slow and when I looked today at the results, I saw that winter was still missing. Therefore I looked in my archive for a decent portrait and flowers and mixed them quickly together. I know that when I made 'autumn' it took me hours to get the result. When I made 'winter' today, this was done in just a few minutes.

December 2005

Endless Drawing

I think that the idea behind this picture is still rather good. The combination of photographic and drawing techniques is working well. Of course the photographic technique is slightly primitive, but overall the result is still acceptable

In the time I made this series, I still used an analogue 35 mm camera. I had to scan all the pictures to see which did fit best. I even did not used Adobe Photoshop in that time. All adjustments and drawing were done by using Corel applications. I still think that CorelDRAW is much better than Adobe illustrator, and it is really a shame that CorelDRAW is not available for MAC.